I just recently finished a movie and I am still shocked and appalled at the "LACK" of professionalism. What is professionalism? Definition of professionalism-

1    professional character, spirit, or methods. 

2   the standing, practice, or methods of a professional, as distinguished from an amateur.

The lack of professionalism in this case not only makes you as the artist look bad, but also puts into question your integrity as a person. Every show is different but keep your personal life and personal opinions to yourself. If you don't like a producer, actor or crew member, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! If you are having a problem with other hair and makeup artists don't discuss it with your actors or run to who ever will listen on set.  You shouldn't be talking about race, religion, sex or hot button issues. When they call for "touch ups" that means for YOU to touch up your actors. You are not there to set in a huddle and watch a monitor. Your job is to get UP and look at your actor. Professionalism is bringing your A game to work everyday. Learn how to play well with others and stop being messy and dramatic. The journey is not a sprint it is a marathon. 



In order to become successful you first have to love yourself. I know it sounds really cliché and it sounds stupid but you have to love yourself. And loving yourself and giving yourself the courage to overcome your fear's moves you forward into success . Start with this practice..  Look into a mirror and quiet yourself, REALLY LOOK AT YOURSELF for 1 minute. After that first minute of silence, say these words out loud…  “I am love, I love myself, I am pure love, I love myself completely.” It is very hard to do for most people, because we don't truly love ourselves. We can tell everyone we know even our animals how much we love them, but we can tell ourselves? Try this for 5 minutes a day.



I write on the mirrors in my bathroom. I write down my dreams, positive affirmations, quotes, scriptures, mantras, and projects I am working on. I use a large Sharpie in big bold letters.  Sometimes I just write a persons name that I would like to connect with or a place I would like to go. I use my mirror like some people use a vision board. In the morning when I am getting ready for work, I just read my mirrors and focus my “I Am” energy and intent on the words. And throughout the day I think about what is on my mirrors. I find this practice very effective in manifesting the vision of my life. This is one of my keys to success....




I wanted to share...

I was listening to Deepak Chopra and I thought this was a great way to think about love and attracting the energy of LOVE into your heart and life.

Deepak’s Favors of LOVE in your Heart.






Personal Attraction

Here is the mantra..

My life energy is LOVE ❤️ ...

Here are 2 ways to be in gratitude and appreciation...

When you appreciate a really good phone call from a friend, say to yourself...This Is LOVE

When you have a great meal...say to yourself.. This Is LOVE

It is about staying in the pure energy of LOVE