I'm not a "Business Man" - I'm the "Business Man"...Let Me Handle My Business...Damn!!!! Jay Z

The business of the business....

It is important to understand both sides of the industry. On one hand we are creative artist and the other hand we are "The Business" . It is important to learn both sides of the coin. The creative sides comes natural to the artist, the business side "not so much". Learn how to manage your money and taxes. Surround yourself with people who can teach you about your finances, taxes, corporation, tax shelters and life insurance.

Best advice...Save your money for a rainy day.



What are you listening to???

Who are you listening to?????

What is the background noise that is the soundtrack of your life???

Who are you listening to and how is it affecting you????

There are so many sounds and voices around us everyday...You are overhearing conversations, listening to music or tv, and the constant volume of noise. I have to turn the noise off. So, I like to start my day with a choice of what I am going to listen to. I choose to listen to positive speakers in the morning. Before I get into the shower I turn my I-pad on and let the spirit guide me. I listen to a variety of motivational speakers, pastors, gurus, business minded people, pod casts, books and interviews. I like to take in positive energy and motivational words to start the day. These words wake me up and get my brain going for the day. I listen to Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, TD Jakes, Dr. Dale Bonner, Marianne Williams, Wayne Dwyer, Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Sarah Jakes. Also, if I am really into the speaker that day, I continue to listen while I drive. It just sets the tone for the day and opens the mind to all the infinite possibilities.



Team Camille helps keep my life running so I can focus on my creativity, my spirituality and entrepreneurship. I used to feel like I had to do everything myself. But I found myself stressed out and being non productive....I found it is better to have people in my life that work on the same level as myself. YES!!! This all costs money and to make money you must spend money. It is a blessing when you can give and share money with others. You are blessing others with what god has blessed you. The more money I give away the more I am blessed with, the law of attraction...

Here is the list of the best people in my life and help keep the machine running...

The Assistant- Why an assistant???

I find an assistant can do small and big tasks that take time. Running errands, fed-ex, post office, dry cleaners, emailing and grocery shopping. Time is just as valuable as money. Time is equal to money in my world. And having an assistant allows me to focus on my businesses and being an entrepreneur.

The Agent- I want to be clear!!!!!

Having an agent doesn't bring you jobs. An agent is for negotiating contracts and working deals. Having an agent helps you negotiate the best deal for you. And that means MONEY!!!!

The CPA-YOU MUST PAY THE GOVERNMENT TAXES!!!! You need a good CPA that has knowledge about working in the industry. There are many rules and write-offs that pertain to work in the industry.

The Bookkeeper-Receipts, Receipts, Receipts...You must keep every receipt those are the golden tickets to write-offs.

A bookkeeper keeps track of all your receipts and totals them at the end of the year and sends it to your CPA. Hit the EASY BUTTON...

The Housekeeper-A clean house equals a clean mind for me. It is easier to pay someone to clean my house than to spend my Saturday cleaning when I need to rest for the week. And after you’ve worked a 90-hour work week, leave it to a professional house cleaner....

The Trainer-Working out the body is great for the mind and body. Working out is great for stress and strengthens your body. You must be physical strong to work 16 hours a day. You must workout. Remember, if you don't use your body you lose it. Period the END!!!

Nutritionist-YES.. I am a vitamin and health junkie. I like having Nutritionist to help me with vitamins and food choices. A Nutritionist will customize vitamins, mineral, herbs and food for your body and lifestyle. When you work 6 months on a movie and work 90 hours a week, it is NO joke on your body and mind. It starts with taking care of the inside.  You are what you eat and food is medicine.

The Massage Therapist-You have to take care of your body and massage is my way of self care. I get a massage every 2 weeks. It helps with back and neck pain from the long hours of work. You must take care of your body, mind and soul...



I have such a great life and one thing I have learned is to ASK FOR HELP!!!

Shocking… I know... So many of us have such a hard time asking for help. We feel like it makes us look weak as a person or that we can't handle our own life. And some times it is our ego getting in the way of our biggest blessing...I ask for help from god to lead me to the right resources of people to help me. I have found I am 60% more productive with help. I have many people to help me. Here is a list of Team Camille... Assistant, Agent, CPA, Bookkeeper, Housekeeper, Trainer, Nutritionist and Massage Therapist. 

To be continued in Part 2.



When you open your eyes, what are your thoughts?

Are you happy or sad???

Are you still tired?

Have you already decided what your day will bring you???


Everyday when you wake up, you have choices... You can make today a good or bad day. It is always your choices which lead you down a path to a positive or negative day. When I wake up I choose to be happy, I choose to have positive thoughts, I choose to be energized. I choose to have a good day. Make sure your choices are what your heart desires...It is our job to "parent the mind" and to stay focused on what is best for our souls. What does "parent the mind" mean? It is your job to be aware of the thoughts and verbiage of your mind. Feed your soul the RIGHT kind of food.